Flourishing in 2017

I am a survivor. But I am not interested in only surviving; I want to flourish in this world. I want to daringly dazzle, never dimming my light.

For me to flourish is to be knocked down, acknowledge it and jump back up; to hit an obstacle and overcome it; to understand that every event or circumstance offers me valuable lessons. To savour the good one must know the bad. When things are not going to plan in my life I turn inward and ask myself how can I flourish from this instead of drown? Sometimes I turn to books, friends or songs and more often than not the answer is already within me. In silence, I can hear my intuition whispering and sometimes even yelling the answer.

Flourishing does not have to mean being enlightened or living in a Zen-like existence. For me, it also means being me and being real. On average we think about 60,000 thoughts during an average day and I guarantee you that these are not all inspiring. I still have days of feeling lousy, low and out of balance but I now know that I do not need to fix or eliminate this. It is simply part of living and for me it is part of flourishing. I want to be my biggest cheerleader not my biggest judge. So I no longer judge myself if I am not feeling sensational, I do not view myself with a critical eye, I have unwound my defences and unfolded into a butterfly.

Flourishing for me also means taking risks even if the outcome is unclear; stepping out of my circle of comfort and exploring the unknown; pushing beyond my limits; keeping my heart open when it wants to close; asking questions and seeking self-improvement and personal expansion; giving myself to others and contributing in a meaningful way; loving unconditionally; laughing uncontrollably; being passionate and curious and embracing fun and cheekiness daily.

I have many days of feeling sensational but embrace the ordinary as well. For sometimes in the ordinary moments I learn the most about myself. Sometimes in those moments something quite magical happens. Clear blue water, the wonder of a sunset, a glorious rainbow, the sound of laughter, the beauty of the moon and suddenly the ordinary moment becomes extraordinary. I enjoy the sacredness of all that is around me and am overcome with a glowing feeling of gratitude. I cannot help but flourish, smile and truly savour the magnificent power of nature.

In these moments it feels like the universe is gently reminding me that my aim and birthright is to truly flourish, surrender and to be all that I can. There is no complicated agenda or plan. I no longer need to play a part or role and no longer need to conceal myself.  Knowing the kind of person I want to be is the first step, living it out in each moment is the real challenge. If I act out of love and not desperation or need then I will flourish.

I believe that the only way to inspire anyone is to be the living, breathing, walking, talking example myself and this will be my intention for 2017. All I ever want is to be the best version of myself I can be. This may look a little different and may even seem a little weird and crazy at times but no matter what, it is me. Not a version of someone else but a true original.

Music is a great source of healing and songs play an important role in allowing me to really express myself. Whether it is belting out a ballad, shaking my ass, or letting tears flow; music always has a cleansing effect. My playlists is constantly changing, however below is my go to song at the moment. It reminds me that I am a girl on fire no matter what happens. It may sometimes be a lonely world but I will always flourish because I am a flame shining bright and definitely not backing down. I intend on being fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

Happy New Year my gorgeous friends and family and may 2017 be brimming with everything your heart desires. Live for today – there will never be another one quite like it.

Do you have a song that empowers you? What will your theme song be for 2017? Here is mine:



5 Replies to “Flourishing in 2017”

  1. Happy NY Mel, 2017 will be a great year.
    Luv reading your posts and the way you express yourself, inspirational reading.
    All the best to you, your kids and family, cheers Rob.

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