Love Happens

Love – what a great word. I have to admit, sometimes I seek love outside myself. I crave to be noticed or validated but I have made a decision that, right now, this behaviour is going to stop. It has been said that “You begin by ending your search for love”. So I  am dismissing the search party and letting it go. I am not giving up on the notion of a romantic partner in the future. I am simply saying that instead of searching for the perfect partner I want to BE the perfect partner first. Over the past five years I have done heaps of work in this department, however every now and then I find myself falling back into old habits.

To keep me on track this is my absolute favourite quote and it is on my phone screen reminding me of exactly the type of woman I want to be.



I want to be this woman. Someone who is confident, complete, warm, loving, divinely feminine and totally comfortable in her own skin.

I am discovering that each time you offer love to others, be it through a loving gesture, word or thought, you plant the seed of love in that person. So love for me is becoming so much more than romantic love. It is becoming more about being a loving person. It is not about filling a void or what someone can give me because I am empty, it is about what I can give others because I am already full.

I have a very wise 13 year old daughter who sees love everywhere she goes. She doesn’t search or go looking for it but it constantly turns up for her. She gives out love with her kindness, compliments and quirky enthusiasm for life which is contagious to people around her.

“Only the loving find love, and they never seek for it. The loveless never find love”. –  D H Lawrence

Something very simple, yet quite beautiful is that she sees love-hearts everywhere.

When she sees them she either excitedly shows me or sends me a photo. These are my favourites:

My daughter is my constant reminder that if we just open our eyes, love is already everywhere. We don’t need to find it, pursue it or chase it. We just need to be it. I am the love I seek.



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