The Two forces: Fear and Love


We have all been born with love yet fear is a powerful force that can consume us. I once read that where there is love, fear can not survive, and where there is fear, love can not survive. So why do we choose fear when we can choose love?

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live” – Dorothy Thompson. These words are powerful for me because, I have to say, they totally describe how I feel at the moment. It is so easy to let fear run the show; I know I fall into this trap often.

It is strange but every time I let go of my fears does my life begin to change for the better.  Unfortunately I am not perfect though and still get caught up being afraid of situations, circumstances and being hurt.

I believe that letting go of fear involves not blaming others for our predicament and deciding to take responsibility for how we feel. When we do this we will notice a significant shift in our lives. I guess for me it is about giving up on past beliefs and past limitations and looking within where I can find my true nature and real self. Often when I am very happy I began to use many self-preservation tactics to ensure that I can safely not get hurt. These include withdrawing from a situation, circumstance or even from someone. However, in doing so I can often also miss out on the amazing moments of exhilaration and pure joy. I guess the secret is balancing the delicate combination of being cautious and being afraid with letting go and giving life and love a chance.

So with some reflection, I have decided to no longer be afraid and start living. Look out world; I am fearlessly jumping back in with an open-heart ready to embrace life.


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