Start Doing

Start doing

A well kept secret of mine is that when I feel overwhelmed I often freeze unable to complete jobs. I avoid tasks and put them off for another day.

Yesterday my son came home from school and raked up all of the leaves in the front yard, helped prepare dinner, washed and wiped up and changed two lightbulbs, all without being asked. He adamantly said that he was not looking for accolades but just thought I would appreciate a hand. These were jobs I was putting off and he just got in and did them for me.  I can not even begin to express how grateful I was to have a hand without having to ask. I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I am not great at asking for help and somehow he must have known that on this day I really needed an extra hand. To walk into my bedroom and my light shine brightly was just such an unexpected surprise and such a massive help. Suddenly, I was no longer in the dark (literally). My son motivated me today to get back to ‘doing‘. I don’t agree with over-scheduling and constant busyness but there is a point that there are jobs that need doing.

Recently I lost my wedding rings and on Saturday they magically re-appeared in a spot that I had checked over and over. Somehow I was looking and just could not see them – again I was somehow in the dark.

I am not sure how these two stories really relate but for me this week they were very unexpected gifts. Without asking my son generously helped me and without looking I found my wedding rings. Maybe for me there might be other aspects of my life where I can start doing and stop avoiding.

This week I powered through arduous jobs and began ticking off my to-do-list and it feels great.



4 Replies to “Start Doing”

  1. maybe the world is telling you to stop and smell the roses. Take a moment (or three) and breathe deeply. Sometimes when you let go of the reins you can find your way a little easier.

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