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My acupuncturist often tells me to be patient. “In time you will notice the changes”, he says. “Give it time” he remarks. We live in a fairly fast paced instant gratification type of society, where people want to see improvement or results instantly.

I have been patiently waiting for a job to come along that really excites and challenges me. I have applied for different jobs and have been offered nights or weekends or they just did not feel right or suit my family. So I took the gamble and patiently waited and waited and waited. Then in a pure moment of Synchronicity the right person appeared and wheels were set in motion and suddenly I was sitting in an interview for a beautiful job. The next day I started work. It is a casual position but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work in such a lovely environment. I am surrounded by warm people and get excited about everything from a task completion to putting my lunch in the lunchroom fridge.

I will forever be grateful to the people who put this opportunity in front of me at exactly the right time. I will also be grateful that I had the patience to wait for the universe to work its magic. The truly beautiful part of this process was that at no stage did feelings of fear or apprehension appear. It just felt so right. Sometimes all we need to do is let go and patiently wait.

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10 Replies to “Patience”

  1. I too am finding it difficult to let go and wait for the right job to come along, where I will enjoy going to work every day. I had one earlier in the year, then the plug got pulled once again…

  2. Very nice and smooth writing . Good job , also inspiring …we Need blog like this .. Keep up the good job
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  3. Beautifully said Mel. Perhaps this time synchronicity started years earlier at a chance meeting where your warm, kind and generous nature were instantly recognised (and continue to be). Patience is indeed a long journey. Your amazing positive energy, combined with the power of the universe is creating the magic in your life xx

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