Messages in my mind

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” ~ Buddha

What message am I sending out to the world?

More importantly what message am I sending myself? 

Louise L Hay suggests we look in the mirror directly into our eyes and say I love you. Sounds easy but can you do it without a little remark coming up like

I love you – if only you were …………


I will love you after you .……………….

Being content in my own skin is my ultimate goal. Quieting the negative messengers in my mind is also a high priority.

Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” ~ Lisa M. Hay

How often do you catch yourself thinking that who you are is not enough and that in order for you to become enough, you have to DO more, HAVE more and BE more of everything?

The messages in our minds can be so damaging and even detrimental to our health. A recent article stated that on a daily basis there are 60,000 thoughts that run through our minds and that 75% of these thoughts are repetitive and negative. I can sometimes allow my mind to bully me into thinking there is something wrong with me. This sometimes leads me to look for love, validation and approval outside myself.

I think the answer might be to step back away from our minds and let go of the drama our minds love to create. Sometimes when crazy repetitive thoughts come up for me I say to myself “really, are you playing that old story again?”. It might sound strange but it works for me. I like to downgrade the power my thoughts can hold over me.

Anita Moorjani suggests that “most suffering stems from feeling less than. You aren’t less than anything or anyone! You are complete.



3 Replies to “Messages in my mind”

  1. Love this Mel. I think it is good to have a mantra that keeps things in perspective when we have dark negative thoughts or worry begins to take hold.
    I often repeat to myself a quote by Mark Twain
    “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened”.
    Cherise x

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