Easter Treats

Happy Easter to everyone.

Today I read this quote from one of my favourite authors.

If you’re going to eat healthily do it because you love your life and want to live for a long time. Do it for those reasons. As opposed to doing it out of a fear of illness. Every choice I used to make in the past was made out of fear. But today, I make sure that every choice I make, including food choices, is made from a place of love. – Anita Moorjani

This really resonated with me and is how I view my life and the food choices I make. The secret really is that I decided to make changes. I made a conscious decision. Yes being diagnosed with MS gave me a push but in the end I had to believe it was right for me. I never feel like I have given up anything. Instead it just feels right.

So you may be wondering if I enjoy chocolate treats at Easter and the answer is ‘of course’.

These are my Bliss Balls. I tend to change the recipes adding Goji berries or anything I have in the cupboard. I use Cacao instead of Cocoa because it is unprocessed and in its raw state.


Guilt Free Bliss Balls (Thermomix Recipe)

Another treat I made is Chewy Chocolate Goji Crunch We think they are our most successful sugar-free treat to date. I went a little crazy on the chocolate top this time though.


My beautiful daughter made her amazing Hot Cross Buns again this year. These are not gluten or dairy free but at Easter I enjoy one hot from the oven and they are delicious.


For Easter my children, parents, sister and brother-in-law have given me my favourite treats. Loving Earth LUVJU COCONUT MYLK and some Macadamia nuts. These are my special treats and I love them.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. The weather at the beach was spectacular. We feasted on delicious food all weekend, had many laughs and enjoyed time together.


If you are looking for little extra reading – See more at: http://www.iquitsugar.com/raw-cacao-vs-cocoa-whats-the-difference/#sthash.a9ZyJaZY.dpuf OR http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/how-to-find-good-quality-chocolate


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