Birthday Wishes


Today is my late husbands birthday.

Today the children and I will celebrate a magnificent father, attentive husband and cherished member of our family.

We are at our favourite place – the beach.

As I look out onto the water and feel the breeze on my face I smile because I can’t help thinking  how lucky we were to have had someone so wonderful in our life.

On my birthday on the 9th of January  just before he died John and I were lying in bed and John said to me “if you had your time again would you really marry me and put up with all of this pain and loss” and I said to him “I would rather have 17 years of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special”.

This sentiment is still very true today. We learnt so much from him – grace, humour, courage and the ability to be totally in each moment. He was a brilliant listener and storyteller who always kept us entertained.

So Happy Birthday to a true gentleman and beautiful soul.


6 Replies to “Birthday Wishes”

  1. John was so special and I know the love that you both shared, you were one. I only know that he was such the gentleman and also a great story teller. John is with you always. Love to you and your beautiful children.

  2. Beautiful thoughts Mel – thank you for sharing. I can’t help but think that John was so very blessed to have you as his strong,loving and amazingly sensitive wife for 17 years too. He will always be looking down on the four of you – taking care and keeping watch xx

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