Facing my fears

Stepping out of my comfort zone and facing my fears are tricky tasks to battle.

Lately I have been outside my comfort zone considering the world of dating. This is a very unknown area for me.

When I think of fear I think of the chairlift at Anacapri.


I did not want to go on the chairlift for many reasons but mainly FEAR. As I walked away from the chairlift station I felt this strong urge that I couldn’t miss this opportunity. As the chairlift began to climb to Monte Solaro I began to feel this inner peace and pride in myself. When I reached the top and saw the spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples it took my breathe away. On the way down I felt safe, excited and free. I could have missed this experience if I had let FEAR consume me.

I often think of Anacapri especially when I am afraid to try something new. You just never know what FEAR can hold you back from – do you?


2 Replies to “Facing my fears”

  1. Mel, I am always so inspired by the courage you have shown. I have no doubt that you will keep facing those fears and beating them!

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