Expressing Gratitude

On the weekend was my 40th party and there was so much preparation and work that went into this fabulous night. There were generous people like our good friend who used his gerni to clean the tiles before the party and my gorgeous brother in law who organised the eskies and ice. Not forgetting my three amazing children who worked tirelessly prior to the party and on the night.

During the speeches I was a little overwhelmed with emotion and regretted greatly that I hadn’t jotted some notes down. My late husband would often say PP=PP (Perfect preparation=Perfect presentation). On the night I spoke of my late husband and the children and thanked everyone for joining me to celebrate.  My three children and a dear friend stood up and bravely spoke and I will forever be grateful for this and all of the generous and thoughtful gifts I received.

The highlight of the night was when my fabulous father spoke and my mother and family stood by his side with great pride. On the night I couldn’t quite find the words to thank my beautiful sister, brother in law and my generous and giving parents.  For the last few months especially the last three days we had become a team, shared many laughs, called many ‘meetings’ and worked side by side as the strong and invincible family that we are.  Like my children their main aim was for me to have the best birthday ever.

I try not to leave anything unsaid so feel it is important to express my utmost gratitude to my family and say a very warm heartfelt thank you. They worked tirelessly and nothing was too much trouble prior to the party or on the night. Their love, support and giving natures are always unwavering and greatly appreciated.

Why not tell the people closest to us how great they are – they deserve it.



3 Replies to “Expressing Gratitude”

  1. What a wonderful celebration for a wonderful person … it was such an honour to celebrate with you and your family. The night was a recognition of the great mother, daughter , sister and friend you are … xx

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