Turning 40

Happy BirthdayYou will never hear me complain about getting older. My gorgeous husband died at 40 and I see getting older as a gift that he will never enjoy. I am four years younger than my husband so it feels strange that I have caught up to him.

Today I am forty and as the smile lines continue to appear on my face as I gracefully age, my gorgeous husband will forever remain ageless.

 As with all events in my life it is a bittersweet celebration as I continue to wish I had him by my side on this day. Birthdays were full of fun, love and laughter and I intend on keeping this wonderful tradition alive.

I am going to enjoy a lovely day today with my family and have a joyful party with some close friends and family.  At first I didn’t want a party until my fourteen year old daughter walked out of her room handed me a piece of paper and said “this is your invitation”. I have to say it was pure bliss to have the decision taken out of my hands. Since then my three children, parents, sister, brother-in-law and I have worked to ensure all will enjoy a fun filled night.  A party for me is not a time to be the centre of attention actually it is the exact opposite – it is a time to celebrate.

I have to admit I am not where I thought I would be at forty, I have however been lucky to learn that life can still be full of delightful twists, turns and surprises in spite of great moments of sadness and loss.  I will forever be grateful to my three children who were determined to CELEBRATE who I am right now – 40.


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