Gratitude always wins

IMG_1843As I wake up at the beach, walk my dog Happy and then make a green juice full of vegetables I can not help feeling lucky. It is still early and the children are sound asleep and I am enjoying looking out to the water.

On Sunday we were driving on the highway and six large pieces of ply flew from a truck driving in the opposite direction. One piece smashed into my passenger side where my gorgeous 14 year old was sitting. Luckily it only smashed my headlight and caused damage to my bumper. Those flying missiles could have caused all types of unthinkable damage hitting the windshield. We continued driving and safely arrived at the beach. My family, of course, came to the rescue lending me a car.

Yet again I found myself in a scenario where I had a choice. How I chose to react to the experience was entirely up to ME. I could be angry, annoyed or disappointed or I could accept the scenario and count my blessings that no one was hurt or injured.

So I sit here this morning more grateful than ever that the only damage was to my car. My children and I know life is precious and on Sunday we had an extra little reminder.

Being grateful always wins in the end for me.


2 Replies to “Gratitude always wins”

  1. Mel your absolute determination to always aim for positivity is so inspirational. We choose every day in so many ways to look at what life throws at us from many different perspectives. Like you I aim for gratitude. However I do also believe that we are blessed to have special loved ones keeping a watchful eye over us. Xx

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