Pain in our past

Did you know that when we hold onto the PAIN of our PAST we allow fear to navigate our future.

My painful past is important and plays a big part in my life and the lives of my three children. However I am also learning that sometimes it is necessary to stop looking in the rear vision mirror to move forward.

I was so steadfast in not using being a widow as an excuse but sometimes I blame the past. I worry that my children’s actions and behaviour are because they don’t have a father when really it is sometimes just normal teenage or pre-teen behaviour. I am always learning new skills raising three children but my biggest goal is for them to be well rounded, secure and independent people. I even have a sneaking suspicion that they will rise to the challenge and be exceptional adults.

True power is to have the courage to just be who we are regardless of our pain of our past. I can create a brilliant future, by seeing all that I perceive as past setbacks as necessary parts of my growth. Everything in life is a gift designed to help me find my true path.

Yesterday I had a brilliant day but allowed a circumstance last night to pull me down and strip me of my energy. I have woken up this morning wondering “what was it supposed to teach me?” I don’t know the answer yet but I do know that I  need to not only stop blaming the past but also  stop blaming others or blaming circumstances and take responsibility for my life. It is easier said than done but this is my life and I need to take responsibility for what I allow to impact me and diminish my spirit.

So today I am going to focus on what’s right in front of me, the present moment, one day at a time and find that wonderful uplifting, grateful feeling again.

Nothing goes away


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