Food Glorious Food – London

My eating philosophy involves clean eating. When I say clean eating I mean eating whole, organic, healthy and fresh foods. My goal with this type of eating is for my body, skin and soul to glow with health and also  give me endless energy. It has required some patience but after exactly a year and a half of eating like this I am starting to see the great benefits.

A questions I have been regularly asked since returning from my overseas holiday is “how did you go with the food?”. My answer is “fantastic”.

The frustrated teacher in me requested that my children and I each present a powerpoint on a topic before we leave. My son did Big stores in London, youngest daughter did Shopping in Paris and eldest daughter did Our Hotels and my topic was:

Healthy Eating

The powerpoint gave me an opportunity to really search out some fantastic places and these are the places I loved in London:


Wholefoods market has wonderful fresh organic produce, cheese, meats, poultry, seafood, prepared food, bakery and lovely natural and organic beauty products. We bought everything from eggs for our breakfast to quinoa salads to fresh fruit to carrots & celery sticks to have as snacks while roaming around London.

Wholdfoods London

For dinner we enjoyed good old traditional pub meals at The Sherlock Holmes . It always included heaps of vegetables and lovely roasts.

For something different we decided to try Lupita an authentic mexican restaurant. They choose only fresh, flavoursome ingredients to create exciting and taste bud tingling dishes. The service was outstanding and our waiter recommended having – Ripe avocados with onions, tomatoes, coriander and fresh jalapeños mixed with olive oil and lime juice made at your table. They opened the avocados at our table – it doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Tune in next time for Food Glorious Food – Paris.


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