Living in the moment

DSC04109I have returned safely from my overseas travels to Dubai, London, Paris, Italy and Singapore. Before we left I continued to feel quite apprehensive about the trip and now we are home I cannot believe the lessons I have learnt while away. At yoga today my instructor said “learning is trying something new“. Well, my overseas travels taught me many lessons. I was constantly trying something new while being well and truly out of my comfort zone.


Not only did I see amazing sights and learn some fascinating history but also something seemed to happen when I was away. I was able to put away my fears and as the trip went on I became more myself and engaged in the present moment. I had previously allowed my mind to trick me into thinking that I won’t be happy until I got where I wanted to be or I couldn’t be happy without my husband or I have to struggle with having MS. Yet here I was in a foreign land – laughing, dancing and singing. I just appreciated what was in front of me and let go of the past and the future and just found joy in the present moment.

I learnt that I have spent the past years treading water in one spot. My life was on hold and I watched others living their lives. I was working hard but not really going anywhere. Sometimes I even felt amazed when people had babies and their lives kept moving forward while mine was in a constant holding pattern.

DSC04637Life was happening to me but I was not living it. I wasn’t really participating in life and was totally unaware of this fact….until I travelled overseas.

I have now made a wholehearted commitment to myself to really step up, to really live life to the fullest and as you can imagine I now aspire to live a very happy and content life no matter how many challenges life sends my way.Present


8 Replies to “Living in the moment”

  1. What a fabulous trip and a great message thank you so much for sharing. It’s so easy to get caught up worrying about the future and stuck in past sadness. No point in that, thank you for reminding me. Xx

  2. What a beautiful person you are…….you deserve every happiness. It was an amazing holiday….one we will never forget. A month of fun, laughter, new adventures and a very happy time for us all.
    As you reflect, you will know how wonderful you are……..
    Love Paul & Shirley

  3. I am so glad you had a wonderful time. The fabulous memories you have made with the children and your parents will last a lifetime .. and John would have been with you every step of the way! x

  4. Yes welcome home. Be kind to yourself, even though you had help, taking three children away overseas for a month is very very brave. I am so glad you had a wonderful time full of beautiful memories – memories that last a life time. You so gorgeous and loved dearly xxx

  5. Melissa
    What a long way you have travelled in the past few years to reach the point in your life to where you found the courage to come out of your “holding pattern ” and to allow yourself to blossom.
    It is no wonder your loving parents are so proud of you and your wonderful children.
    So pleased your overseas trip was outstanding.
    Live happy. You deserve no less.
    Love Wendy and Peter x

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