Being worthy


Authenticity requires a genuine willingness to be vulnerable and transparent, without it we will have no personal integrity. I am about to go on an overseas adventure and in an effort to be totally transparent I wanted to admit that I am feeling a little apprehensive.

I am the absolute first person to admit that “I am not a traveller”. Actually to be totally honest I have been digging my heals in the ground. I keep asking myself – Why is John (my late husband) not here to enjoy this amazing trip with the children and I? I spent the weekend missing my husband more than ever. It seems like even an amazing overseas holiday is tarnished with sadness and loss.

After quite a few cleansing cries, this morning I woke up with a more positive outlook.  I decided that I was being ungrateful and maybe even feeling a little unworthy of such an amazing holiday.  It is often difficult to accept abundance in my life. I think I was blocking the abundance and even feeling guilty that my late husband was not here to experience it. I need to give myself permission to feel worthy and deserving of the immense privilege to take time out to travel with my beautiful family.

So, I am all packed (thanks to my mum who is an expert packer) and no longer digging my heals in, instead I am ready to step onto the plane and experience a very new adventure in my life.

I am worthy


5 Replies to “Being worthy”

  1. What a wonderful gift you are giving the children .. and your parents! It is so special that they can spend time together and you will love it too. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. I can’t think of anyone more worthy of this amazing holiday. Enjoy this special time with your beautiful children and loving parents. You will be building some wonderful memories. Xx

  3. Mel you will have an amazing time and create a wonderful lasting memory for your children. You are going be travelling with very seasoned travellers who will help you all make the most of this experience. It’s such a gift. It’s beyond sad that you can’t do this trip with John but it would be even more sad to not fully invest your heart and soul into this trip because of it. Take care and safe travels. Xxx

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