Pure Love

In the last two months we have had two new babies born into our family. A baby girl and a baby boy.

As we visited each baby in hospital I could not help think that these little babies are total LOVE. They  LOVE every inch of their bodies. They have no guilt, no shame, and no comparison. They don’t worry about pleasing anyone and they express all of their emotions honestly. If they are happy and content you know it and when they are sad or hungry you also know it.

We were all like that, and then somewhere along the line something changed.

This makes me wonder – could I go back to this PURE LOVE?

Can I give up complaining, regrets, criticism, my limiting beliefs, fears, my need for control, self-defeating self-talk, need to always be right, need to impress others……………?

I am sure I can give it a go.

I am always willing to learn and previously the first thing I did was search outside for answers, but while holding these adorable babies in my arms my beliefs became clear.  Life is not all about discovering something new but about reconnecting with that which is lost.

All this time I had thought I was changing but I was actually becoming more myself.

I don’t have to be a spiritual guru to make this happen, I just need to make the most of every minute happily living it to the fullest without all of the unnecessary baggage. 

I know, sounds hard, but I am giving it a go anyway.



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