That’s what friends are for

I am the first to admit that I was not great at doing the whole female friendship thing. My best friend was my husband and so I did not take the time to nurture and build friendships.

This week I have been reflecting on why the Bollywood Ball I attended was so different this year. Today I realised, firstly my thinking had changed and secondly, I have managed to surround myself with wonderful strong female friends who encourage, support and even challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and just “give it a go”.

Friends come into our life and are part of our lives for different reasons. I value the friends I have known forever. I value the rich friendships I have developed at my children’s schools. I value the new friends who hadn’t even met my late husband and just know and love me as ME. I value the friends who share my well-being and spiritual journey. I value the friends who just make me laugh.

Everyone has an important role to play in my life. However I am becoming a little picky. People who are unmotivated, uninspiring, love to drain my energy or discourage me, hold limiting, fear-based beliefs don’t really fit into my new world.

Dim your light

Friendships, like marriage, take work and care. Amazing friends surround me and I cherish every one of the gifts that each of them provide me. I hope that I can give them the same support, humour, care and love as well.

My goal is to always surround myself with authentic, positive, uplifting, inspiring, and amazing people.

While finding myself and my own voice I unintentionally discovered the gift and joy that female friends can bring your life.


Special note:

I am reading a wonderful book at the moment called Saturday Night Widows by Becky Aikman. Together, six women display humour, resilience, and friendship while overcoming  the loss of their husbands. It reminds me that friendships can blossom even in the darkest times.


8 Replies to “That’s what friends are for”

  1. Mel – there is a quote “the only way to have a friend is to be one”. That’s why you have so many friends – you are a wonderful friend to each one of us.

  2. Female friendships have such an amazing place in our lives. I love my family of “men” very much but there are sometimes I feel like an alien in my own family – as Brady says ” the only one in pink pyjamas”! I am so very grateful for my friends and the support and joy they bring.
    I think you will only surround yourself with supportive and inspirational people because that is what you are and therefore what you will attract.

    1. There are so many lessons I have learnt from John’s death. The power of female friends is definitely high on the list. Thank you Cherise for your personal comment – keep rocking those pink pyjamas.

  3. Love everything about you Mel. Your now a beautiful talented writer which I am sure inspirers so many people including myself. Please keep it coming xx

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