I hope you dance

Tonight I went to a ball.

The year my husband passed away I was so determined to go to everything and prove to everyone and myself that I can survive, that I attended this same ball. I vowed I would never go again. Everyone says the men chat and the woman dance and it is not really all about couples but at the end of the night when each couple  hold hands and merrily go home together, that is the moment that I found excruciatingly difficult. That first year I went inside my home alone and cried.

So what on earth convinced me to try again?

Number one it was a Bollywood theme Ball and I love Bollywood, number two a beautiful friend gently said it would be nice to have a night out with adults and number three this song:

It took bravery, vulnerability and courage but I stepped into that ball tonight dressed in my Indian outfit and Bindi firmly placed on my forehead.

Next time when I get the choice to sit it out or dance – I hope I dance.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister Danielle who reintroduced me to the meaningful lyrics of this song.


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