I appreciate all of your comments and am overwhelmed by the support of family, friends and wonderful new people I have never even met but who are interested in reading what I have to say.

To enhance the sense of sharing and community I would appreciate if comments can be made on the actual individual posts instead of Facebook.

Much appreciated



6 Replies to “Comments”

  1. You write so well Mel, I love reading your story. You are inspirational. I look forward to
    each instalment.

  2. Mel with each of your posts you teach me an important life lesson. I thank you for your reminder of all I need to cherish every day. So easy for us to get caught up in stuff that is just not important. You keep believing in yourself.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing with us Mel. You truly are an amazing woman and reading your thoughts and story inspire us all to live with just a little bit more mindfulness. X

  4. You have always been an inspiration to us. We admire your courage and strength and continue to grow with you.

  5. Oh Mel, I just could not stop reading……you are truely amazing! I have gained so much from your thoughts – thank you 🙂

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